Custom T-Shirts, Printed T-Shirts & Custom Designed T-Shirts Garment Care in Albany, NY & Beyond! 

We know a thing or two about garment care here at Wicked Smart Apparel, follow our simple guides and procedures to take the best care of your new custom clothing!
Custom Designed T-shirts in Albany, NY | Garment Care
  • Instructions are permanently affixed to the inside of each garment. Performance garments require a COLD WASH.
  • Do not dry clean or iron garments; it may discolor the fabrics and damage the print.
  • Uniforms should be laundered immediately after they have been worn; do not allow a uniform to lie on itself when wet.
  • Fasten all Velcro to avoid snagging garments in wash.
  • Do not soak nylon or spandex garments.
  • Wash white garments separately from colored garments.
  • Do not overload machine.
  • Use mild detergent.
  • Remove garments from machine immediately after washing; this will help avoid color bleeding.
  • Do not use chlorine bleach.
  • Do not use fabric softeners, as they will deteriorate garments with spandex and limit the effects of moisture management.
  • Line dry technical fabrics. Do not dry.
  • Be sure garments are completely dry before storing. Store in a cool, dry place away from sunlight to prevent mildew or yellowing.
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